Air excavation

Leading the industry with revolutionary innovation, Geocentric Drilling offers vacuum excavation services using a small and very mighty Air Spade System. A significantly safer way to excavate around utilities, our Air Spade system uses a high-performance supersonic nozzle that generates a laser-like jet of air for faster, safer, and more effective no-contact utility clearing.

Offering the same performance and power as the much larger conventional truck vacuums, the smaller footprint allows us to work in limited access locations such as on sidewalks or even indoors safely clearing borings down to 10’ below ground surface.

Equivalent to the large vac trucks with a fraction of the footprint, the Geocentric AirVac vacuums up to 2 cubic ft/min of dirt, sand, and gravel. Ideal for trenching, potholing, and keyholing applications.

With all non-sparking components and an electrically insulated barrel, our system is rated and safe to clear utilities to 300kV.

Ideal for:

  • Trenching
  • Potholing
  • Keyholing
  • Decommissioning/abandonment of existing wells

Storage capacity: 11ft3 of soil at a rate of 2 cu ft/min
Typical borehole clearing depth: 5'bgs - 10'bgs
Safe for clearing utilities up to 300kv

workers operating air spade vacuum