environmental drilling services

With your focus on the complete subsurface investigation, planning, and reporting, trust Geocentric Drilling handle your drilling needs professionally and on time. With years of experience on environmental sites, our drilling team ensure quality and performance you can count on.

Track mounted drilling equipment

 Direct push drilling and sampling

 Sonic drilling and sampling

 Single and multi-nested Soil vapor implants and probes

 Permanent and temporary monitoring well installing (single, double, or triple nested)

 Well development, rehabilitation, and abandonment

Low clearance / limited access / indoor drilling

Auger drilling and sampling

Soil sampling

Water sampling

Extraction and injection wells installation

worker operating dart drilling equipment

Maximizing value for our customers throughout their planning and execution of projects.

Whether you are working to delineate environmental impacts or understand ground conditions for future construction, having accurate data about subsurface conditions is a critical factor in the success of your project. Give yourself peace of mind knowing that Geocentric Drilling deploys the best drilling practices to ensure the data collected is of the highest quality. 

Regardless of the site conditions, have confidence in a team that has the technical experience to problem solve and deliver the results needed. Using advanced drilling techniques and efficient drilling set up, Geocentric Drilling can save you time and budget.